“The listenability of his music, especially how he successfully draws influence from a variety of genres, is also helping to connect him to a widespread audience, with fans of R&B, hip hop, soul, pop and rock all able to find something to like in JSWISS.” - The Source Magazine

The new project is available now!

JSWISS stretches beyond the old adage of “A penny for your thoughts” to suggest, Every Word Is A Dollar, the title of his riveting, new full-length project.

More than an inflationary fix, his suggested price rise reflects the escalating value and power of words today more than ever. With that assessment comes the belief, that the blessing of having a masterly way with words affords him not only great “wealth,” but responsibility and opportunity.

Destined for critical acclaim, Every Word Is A Dollar is JSWISS’ strongest project to date, showing him at the peak of his game. On display is as an astute storyteller and adept performer, boasting an eclectic backdrop of top notch musicality and brandishing a confident, unique flow. The talented emcee shifts through facets of life, chronicling it’s harsh realities, adversities and rampant injustices while at the same time offering solutions and sounding a motivational call to pursue your dreams with unbridled commitment and purpose.

With an eclectic musical mix that incorporates strands of hip hop, soul, jazz, and rock,the project features a stellar cast of accomplished musicians and guest vocalists including Amma Whatt (Nate Smith’s Kinfolk), and Marcus Machado (Pete Rock, Robert Glasper, José James) and outstanding tracks, “Rich”, The Gift, “Withdrawal” and more. 

“What you will hear on Every Word is a Dollar is an MC in JSWISS who is lyrically tight, an excellent storyteller who is well capable of giving listeners a wealth of substance that many long-time fans of the great genre of hip-hop have been craving."- Soultracks.com

JSWISS & M-Drix - Black Summer EP Release 2018

JSWISS and guitarist/producer, Marcus Machado seemed to have discovered a kind of kinship with the two becoming frequent collaborators on stage and in the studio. The  fiery, rock- tinged single release, FAMOUS, was a recorded introduction to SWISS teaming up with Machado in M-Drix production mode. 

The two have hooked up again to release the EP, Black Summer, boasting straight-up hip hop jewels, showcasing the lyrical prowess JSWISS has quickly become heralded for on a musical canvas of infectious beats deftly crafted by M-Drix.

No Music EP - Release: June 2016

“Simply put, No Music is an incredible introduction to an artist determined to rise higher than where he was yesterday and is achieving his goals one well-executed project at a time.” - The Source

The No Music EP features production and performances from a cast of talented and accomplished artists – multi-instrumentalist/producer, Brady Watt, keyboard extraordinaire, Nick Rolfe, multi-award winning, powerhouse vocalist, Maya Azucena and members of the very talented and burgeoning jazz/funk/fusion squad, Phantom Pop