JSWISS has incessantly proven time and time again that he has both the skill and diligence to carry the torch of his esteemed idols. - 2Dopeboyz

The No Music EP Mini Doc

With a desire to share the impetus for his critically acclaimed EP, No Music and a window into the process of crafting it, JSWISS teamed up with 1221 Media to put together this engaging mini-doc jewel.

The 2016 EP release, was heralded by a number of noted hip-hop tastemakers including The Source, 2DopeBoyz, and Ambrosia For Heads to name a few marking a breakthrough emergence for JSWISS on the hip hop scene. For him, the project was also a big artistic step, full of personal insight, reflection and the optimism that drives him towards his goal of being a long-tenured, impactful and respected artist on the scene.